Service & Maintenance

Obviously specialist response maintenance is an essential tool for any facilities maintenance company to have, however PressBoost also carries out regular service and maintenance visits for many customers including several high profile customers (current list provided on request). These contracts are provided on varying Annual, Bi-annual and Quarterly visit strategies as required, in accordance with […]

Booster Set Repair

This fixed speed ageing Booster set was in complete disrepair at a hotel in Brighton. The control panel had been exposed to the elements for many years and as such many components were no longer working. The diaphragm in the accumulator vessel had split so the pumps were running none stop. As a result, over […]


PressBoost are happy to commission all makes of Pressure and Booster equipment. A commissioning visit would incorporate adjustment and setting up of the equipment to the site specific parameters, checking the factory presets (where applicable) and testing and proving of pressure safety interlocks and relevant BMS controls. Should we feel it necessary we would make […]

24/7, 365 day response

As part of our commitment to our customers we offer 24/7, 365 days a year response, we answer all calls to our emergency numbers day and night, and as a customer of ours should you need an urgent response visit we provide it, from our base in Manchester. We are also happy to provide technical […]

Variable Speed Booster Sets

PressBoost have lots of experience in the design and supply of variable speed multi-pump skid mounted booster sets specific to our customer’s requirements and applications, we concentrate on equipment that has built in longevity with failsafe aspects and at all times we try to engineer out single points of failure. We are also able to […]

Pressure & Accumulator Vessels

Expansion/accumulator vessels when installed into a pressurised water system irrespective of the application are critical to the good operation of that system. Whether it is an expansion vessel specifically designed to accept the expanded volume of a heating system, or a pump accumulator vessel on a variable speed booster unit, designed to provide stored volume […]

Digital Pressurisation Units

PressBoost supply and install a range of wall mounted and floor mounted single and twin pump pressurisation units. We size and specify these specifically to suit the requirements of your system. They come complete with suitably sized expansion vessels and all necessary isolation, drain/test and safety valves. We supply all makes and types of pressurisation […]

RPZ Valves/ BA Devices

We are pleased to also offer W.R.A.S Approved RPZ Valve Testing. We have several WRAS accredited testers and we can also install all makes of RPZ valves should you have a requirement for one. An RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Valve is a verifiable backflow prevention device, offering protection to water supplies up to, and including […]