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Combination GRP Enclosure and 3-Pump Booster Set Installation

The Job:

PressBoost completed this combination GRP Enclosure installation for a new customer in Preston. They needed a booster set to overcome poor mains pressure and flow rate. This is a large site in terms of land; with currently two small buildings on. The need for better pressure and flow now became more pressing as the customer was installing 7 static caravans on the site. In addition, with no internal space available but an abundance of outdoor space; this customer wanted a booster unit and tank to go outdoors. The original request was for a booster set and tank that the customer would build an enclosure around. However, we suggested a GRP enclosure which would house both tank and booster set, which was the solution agreed upon.

The Equipment:

For this project we teamed up with Lowara and Decca Plastics. Firstly, we sized the total site demand and selected a suitable 3-pump Lowara SMB variable speed booster set. The SMB booster set is a fantastic unit and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This customer wanted a unit that would give him reliability and he didn’t need to think about. The SMB benefits from three individually controlled pumps, three 24 litre pump vessels and three pressure transducers; engineering out single points of failure. Therefore, in this instance it really fit the bill.

Site requested a 3000 litre tank for this project; to ensure they had enough stored volume. Therefore, we then contacted Decca to provide us with a combination GRP enclosure that could fit the booster unit in and include a 3000 litre tank. Decca selected a KP3000 Combi Unit in green to suit customer demands, it really is a fantastic unit and the standard & finish is excellent; please see pictures below:

The Installation:

We attended site and took delivery of the combination GRP enclosure and located on the concrete plinth already installed by site. Next, we installed the new Lowara SMB Booster Set inside the GRP enclosure and modified the pipework to suit.  We then ran this pipework to pick up the 3 connections that site had installed outside of the enclosure.

This project was undertaken as part of much larger refurbishment works being completed on site. Therefore, the civil work including running the mains and the systems pipework underground was all completed ahead of our attendance. All pipework has been lagged in silver foil rock wool, then covered by black nitrile foam lagging and then wrapped in Denso tape to provide a waterproof finish. The pump enclosure has a bulkhead light, tubular heater & frost stat along with an RCD socket. Some installation pictures below:

This was all completed to customer specification and we are very happy with the end result. This is a very tidy installation, utilising fantastic equipment; perhaps most pleasingly though, receiving excellent feedback from the client.

The Future:

This is just the start of development works across this site. Specifically, the client has future plans for a school and many other outdoor sport and recreational activities. For us, it hopefully represents the start of a great relationship with this customer with multiple future project opportunities. Furthermore, this Lowara SMB Booster Set and combination enclosure will provide site with the pressure and flow rate they have long required; for years to come.

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