Drinking Water Booster Unit Install

This installation was carried out at a site in Liverpool earlier this year. The existing unit was over 30 years old, and in need of replacement. The existing unit was significantly bigger than the new unit that PressBoost have installed, this meant we were able to reuse the existing plinth and marry up with the existing pipework and electrics. This unit was operating as a fixed speed drinking water transfer set. As a result, site were keen to pressurise the system and remove the stored volume aspect due to the risk of legionella. Therefore, we cut and capped the storage cylinder in the roof and installed a Teknospeed inverted Booster set. The Teknospeed benefits from 2 pumps, 2 accumulator vessels and 2 transducers, making it fail safe. The fact that this unit is inverted, means the site will now see significant energy savings. As such, this installation has the benefits of removing the risk of legionella and the energy savings that the inverted option provides.


19062009963 DSCF1179