Foot Load Sensor Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install:

PressBoost carried out this pressurisation unit replacement at a site in Salford. The existing foot load sensor pressurisation unit had numerous single points of failure and site had been inundated with problems with the equipment. Additionally, multiple parts were obsolete, as a result, the most cost effective and reliable solution was to replace the unit. We installed a Lowara Presfix Beta MKII and switched the foot load sensor vessel to 6 x 500 litre expansion vessels. This method of operation has multiple advantages, the most important being no single point of failure, if one vessel fails it can simply be isolated and replaced and the heating is maintained to the building at all times. Please see the pictures below of our installation:



As you can see from the pictures above, the new system is modified to fit in the space where the existing plant was located, here at PressBoost we can modify all systems to suit the space available. Should you have any queries about the plant at your site, or about the different pressurisation equipment that PressBoost offer, please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today and we can advise you further.