Home Booster Replacement

The Installation:

Here at PressBoost we offer service and maintenance to domestic booster units as well as commercial. Recently we replaced a home booster unit at a school in Liverpool. The existing Grundfos unit had obsolete controls and a failed control board, therefore, the only suitable alternative was replacement. We replaced the unit with a Lowara modern equivalent designed for site. The new set is variable speed making it 30-50% more efficient and much quieter. In this instance noise control was very important to site due to the unit being palced in a Science classroom. Additionally, this unit has the required air gap so it can safely feed the lab taps and comply with regulations. See pictures below of our install.

Before:                                              After:

We can size and install equipment to suit all of your specific needs and requirements, should you have any specific questions please get in touch, we are happy to help. Alternatively, if you are interested in the benefits of variable speed over fixed speed, fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today and we will contact you.