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Our mission:

Here at PressBoost our primary concern is to provide comprehensive quality service and repair to all makes and types of Pressurisation and Booster equipment. Servicing of Pressure and Booster equipment is absolutely pivotal to the longevity of your plant. The majority of manufacturers will only guarantee the gas charge of a pressure vessel for 6 months. If a vessel is not serviced every 6-12 months by a competent individual this can compromise the integrity of the vessel. As a result, we recommend as a minimum a bi-annual or annual service visit for all of your pressure and booster equipment.

How do you know if your equipment is being maintained?

On a standard service visit we will always test the full operation of the unit, monitor any/all pumps and drain down and recharge the pressure vessel/s. Once serviced we will affix one of our service labels:  

As well as this, any pressure vessel that we maintain we will affix one of our company stickers, so that in the event of any issue or if you want to arrange a service visit, you have our emergency contact details: 

In the event that your equipment has been manufactured by ourselves, we will always affix one of our manufacturer labels with a serial number so that you can always quote that number to us when contacting us for any reason:  

Anybody working on or maintaining your plant should affix similar signage to highlight that your equipment is being maintained. If your equipment is not being maintained, please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ today or alternatively call us and we can quote for a service visit. We operate nationwide and offer price packages for sites with multiple units on site.


Recently, we have had some customers enquiring about written schemes of examination. Unfortunately, the guidance can be quite difficult to decipher in this area. However, we are able to specifically tell these clients which pressure vessels do and which pressure vessels do not fall under the scheme. In addition, all of our service reports have a section that explains whether a written scheme of operation is required for that specific unit:

If we maintain your equipment we will advise you as a matter of course if your pressure vessel falls under the written scheme, in terms of the guidance we operate on the following proviso:

A written scheme of examination is required under the “Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000” when a pressure vessel exceeds the 250 Bar/Litre rule. This rule stipulates that if the volume of the vessel multiplied by the charge of the relevant fluid (in this case the compressed air/nitrogen) exceeds 250 Bar/Ltrs then this vessel shall be subject to an additional test/examination. This test is separate to the Statutory maintenance which must be carried out by a ‘Competent’ engineer on an annual/Bi-annual basis.

This examination is normally carried out by a representative of the insurance company who provide the cover for the equipment at any particular site. It may or may not include Ultrasonic thickness testing, Pressure drop testing and/or in some cases internal inspection of the pressure vessel and its protective devices.

Pressboost regularly provides support engineering to these inspections to facilitate the testing that is required, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ if you want to talk further.