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Service and Maintenance History:

This cold water booster set had been in operation since 2006 and served a large, busy leisure centre. Over the last 4 years, PressBoost have serviced and maintained the set on a bi-annual basis. For a set of its age, it was performing very well, however, the high demand of the system had started to take its toll. Recently, the set had run into problems with both non-return valves failing, closely followed by the pump vessel failing and then a pump failing. These factors are all linked and followed closely one after another. Site favoured replacement rather than repair as the set was running on 3rd generation Hydrovar inverters, technology has moved on a great deal since 2006.Following the failure of one of the pumps they realised the importance of acting sooner rather than later, as they recognised the vulnerability of their position; with being down to one pump.

Over the last few service visit we had nursed the set along, temporary charging the pressure vessel and closely monitoring the remaining pump, whilst funding was put in place for a new set. Site preferred to go with a new set as the existing set had served its time. Furthermore, they were keen to replace with Lowara pumps and Hydrovar inverters as they had seen first hand the quality of them over the last 12 years. Please see pictures below of the existing set:

New Lowara GHV Cold Water Booster Set:

We selected the modern equivalent pumps to match the existing flow rate and recommended a Lowara set with new 5th generation Hydrovar inverters. Liaising with site, we also arranged to do the job during a planned shut down of the leisure centre, so as not to disrupt their day to day operations. We recommend Lowara GHV booster sets for their reliability with no single point of failure (multiple pumps, inverters, vessels and transducers). Please see below pictures of the finished installation:

The retrofit utilises the existing plinth and we opted for standard vertical pumps as opposed to the existing horizontal pumps. Therefore, this meant small pipework modifications which also utilise the space well. All completed within just a few hours from water off to water on, correctly commissioned and system flushed ready for the leisure centre to reopen. The end product looks sharp but also gives site the reliability they are used to and a solution for years to come.

Future Service and Maintenance:

Fortunately, this site value service and maintenance. This new set will now continue to be serviced on a bi-annual basis to ensure the maximum longevity of the set. To find out more about our service and maintenance contracts, or if you are interested in a quote to upgrade your pressure and booster equipment, get in touch:


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