• PressBoost Ltd Site Unify Platform

    PressBoost Ltd Site Unify Platform

    Recently, we began the process of moving our engineer reporting system over to a Site Unify Platform. Having seen the success of Double Zero Solutions work with Hydraclean Limited, who we work closely with, we decided to meet with Dave Broomhead of Double Zero to explore the potential options available to us. Dave and his […]
  • Variable Speed Panel Installations At Local Police HQ

    Variable Speed Panel Installations At Local Police HQ

    Why did we replace the existing panels? We have carried out the annual maintenance of all the booster sets on site at a local police headquarters for the last 3 years. As part of this service programme we recommended to our customer retrofitting their fixed speed booster sets to variable speed to provide them with […]
  • Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

    Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

    Why do you have poor water pressure? We often get asked by customers why they have poor water pressure and can we do anything to fix it. Firstly, we definitely can do something to fix this problem for you. Poor water pressure is largely down to the incoming pressure your utility company provide you with, […]
  • Fixed Speed – Variable Speed Water Booster Set Conversion

    Fixed Speed – Variable Speed Water Booster Set Conversion

    The Project: We recently carried out a variable speed conversion of a cold water booster for a University in North West England. We were called in by the University to upgrade their archaic pump set and remove 2 steel cold water storage tanks. Replacing them with a variable speed set, and new sectional tank. Please […]
  • Reflex Variomat    Pressurisation Unit Installation

    Reflex Variomat Pressurisation Unit Installation

    High Profile Court Building in Manchester City Centre: Over the past 6 weeks, we have carried out a large scale project working in conjunction with Integral UK at one of the courts they maintain in Manchester. We successfully delivered this project on time all as per our plan of works and have now handed back […]
  • Cold Water Booster Set Replacement

    Cold Water Booster Set Replacement

    Booster Set Upgrade: Overnight, we carried out a booster set replacement for a multi-purpose building in a prime location in Manchester. The building operates as offices and a gym, as a result, they required minimal downtime. The existing set was fixed speed but also in a dilapidated state and constantly running. This was causing great […]
  • Pressure Vessel Maintenance

    Pressure Vessel Maintenance

    The importance of Pressure Vessel Maintenance: Manufacturers of most pressure vessels will only guarantee the gas charge in a vessel for six months, as a result they recommend it is maintained and recharged to ensure it continues operating correctly on a bi-annual basis. There are manufacturers who guarantee the gas charge for longer but it […]
  • PressBoost in February

    PressBoost in February

    Service and maintenance: This month we have been carrying out biannual maintenance for a number of sites. These include a college in Bradford, several high profile buildings in Manchester, several railway museums and schools across the North West and a new tower block contract in Scotland. It has been a busy month, but highly rewarding […]
  • PressBoost in January

    PressBoost in January

    January was another busy month here at PressBoost. Throughout the month we carried out a large amount of service work across the country, into Scotland and onto the Isle of Man. This represents the core of our business and something we pride ourselves on. Service and maintenance of pressurisation and booster sets is imperative to […]
  • Express Gifts

    Express Gifts

    The Project: We were recently contacted by Express Gifts to help deal with a long standing problem of pressure issues at one of their sites. We attended site to find that their current method of supplying water around the building was via storage tanks in the roof; feeding the building atmospherically. However, as has been […]
  • Twin Pump Horizontal Booster Set Replacement

    Twin Pump Horizontal Booster Set Replacement

    The Background: This booster set replacement was carried out in the centre of Manchester in November 2017. The existing booster set was down to a single pump, running constantly and barely delivering pressure. This was largely due to the dilapidated state of the set due to a lack of repairs when necessary over the years. […]
  • Replacement and repair of 6″ Pressure Regulating Valve

    Replacement and repair of 6″ Pressure Regulating Valve

    We are always looking at ways to provide more cost effective service for the customer. This job was carried out at a prestige site in Manchester, they had two 6″ pressure regulating valves that fed cold water to the entire building (20 plus floors), they were desperately in need of repair. Site could not afford […]
  • Importance of Pressure and Booster Unit Maintenance

    Importance of Pressure and Booster Unit Maintenance

    Our mission: Here at PressBoost our primary concern is to provide comprehensive quality service and repair to all makes and types of Pressurisation and Booster equipment. Servicing of Pressure and Booster equipment is absolutely pivotal to the longevity of your plant. The majority of manufacturers will only guarantee the gas charge of a pressure vessel […]
  • Control Panel Modifications

    Control Panel Modifications

    The job: One of the many aspects of works we carry out here at PressBoost is control modifications. All of our engineers are control specialists and highly experienced working in control panels. Recently at a site in Bury we replaced 4 x contactors and overloads feeding the supply and extract fans to the building. Two […]
  • RPZ Valve Servicing

    RPZ Valve Servicing

    The Legal Requirement: One of the most important services we offer at PressBoost is servicing of RPZ (backflow prevention) devices.  Quick filling loops which used to be installed to most pressurised heating systems are no longer satisfactory, as LTHW & CHW pressurised systems are now in the main classified as Fluid Category 4 and therefore […]
  • 3 x Pressurisation Unit Installations

    3 x Pressurisation Unit Installations

    The background: These jobs were carried out at 3 different hotels in Bournemouth. All 3 units were u/s and in need of replacement. As a result, PressBoost installed all 3 units in a 2 day trip, thus, by combining the 3 jobs into such a small time frame we managed to save on labour and travelling expenses […]
  • Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Booster Replacement

    Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Booster Replacement

    The Justification: Here at PressBoost something we take seriously is energy savings, the conversion from fixed speed to variable speed pumps typically results in 30-50% energy savings (one large hotel in Daresbury saw savings of 53%). The larger the motor, typically the larger the saving. Fixed speed pumps often run on timer and if the accumulator vessels […]
  • Wall Mounted Pressurisation Unit Replacement

    Wall Mounted Pressurisation Unit Replacement

    The Install: PressBoost carried out this installation recently replacing a U/S wall mounted Pressurisation Unit with a Lowara Mini Presfix. The existing wall mounted unit had 2 U/S piston pumps which were not suitable for the size of the system, the Mini Presfix benefits from having two peripheral turbine pumps. Additionally, the expansion vessel supporting the […]
  • PressBoost New Headquarters Renovation

    PressBoost New Headquarters Renovation

    Background: In August 2016 we managed to secure our new, larger premises that will be our home for the foreseeable future. We are still conveniently located in Prestwich, just off the M60 motorway. The building dates back to 1892, over the years it has been a Co-op building, a butchers and slaughterhouse (with a path connecting the cellar […]
  • Home Booster Replacement

    Home Booster Replacement

    The Installation: Here at PressBoost we offer service and maintenance to domestic booster units as well as commercial. Recently we replaced a home booster unit at a school in Liverpool. The existing Grundfos unit had obsolete controls and a failed control board, therefore, the only suitable alternative was replacement. We replaced the unit with a Lowara […]