PressBoost 1st H-Line Installation

Pressurisation Unit Install – Sunderland

As you may have seen from our recent posts, PressBoost have recently linked up with Bio-Nordic and HL Hydronics in Sweden, to bring the H-Line Pressurisation Unit to the UK. We recently installed the first of these units at a hotel in Sunderland. This site is a new site for us and we were called in following an insurance inspectors visit, in which he condemned the existing 750 litre pressure vessels. When we carried out our initial site visit we found the following:

Existing Pressurisation Unit

Pictured above, you can see the existing unit was ageing and in a poor state of repair with parts missing. The existing pressure vessels, were actually located outside. As a result, they were heavily corroded in various places and could split at any time. Hence, the insurance inspector had rightly condemned the vessels. However, when we got involved, we did not want to simply replace the vessels like for like, as they should not be located outside, which would allow the same thing to happen again. This coupled with the fact that the unit could do with upgrading, meant we turned to the H-Line.

The efficiency of this system was approximately 35%, due to it being a standard sealed system with pressure vessels. The H-Line has an efficiency of 95%, this efficiency means the amount of tanks required to hold the expanded volume of the system is vastly reduced. Furthermore, we had to come up with a solution to get the unit and tanks inside the building, as the existing design was unsuitable. This is where the H-Line comes into it’s own, we were able to supply and install a H-Line unit and 2 x 270 litre Polyethylene tanks. So only a third of the size of the existing vessels, creating a huge space saving. This coupled with the increased energy efficiency of the H-Line, and its dynamic method of operation enabling it to react to the demands of large pressure systems. As you can see from the before pictures, there is a small suitable space in the plantroom for the new equipment to go.

New H-Line Pressurisation Unit Installation

The H-Line utilises the available space well, without restricting access to anything else in the plantroom. The unit is made from only quality components and is the ideal upgrade for the unit which was in, with future service and maintenance in mind. The tanks are also very simple to couple together and link up to the unit. The tanks are designed with longevity in mind, as they have no bag inside and do not operate like a standard vessel, as such, there is no definable lifespan for the tanks. Site are very happy with the new unit and its versatility, and we are incredibly proud of the end result.

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