PressBoost in January

January was another busy month here at PressBoost. Throughout the month we carried out a large amount of service work across the country, into Scotland and onto the Isle of Man. This represents the core of our business and something we pride ourselves on. Service and maintenance of pressurisation and booster sets is imperative to increase the longevity of the equipment, but also to ensure continued good operation. Pressure vessels should be maintained every six months, to ensure the charge is correct for the operation of that system.

Towards, the last couple of weeks of the month we carried out several nice installations for clients who were really happy with the end result. Please see below pictures of some of those installations:

These were carried out in a variety of different environments from a gym to a holiday camp, however, what remained the same was the quick turn around and quality of service we provided. All of the new sets are completely fail safe, variable speed to offer considerable energy savings and fully serviceable and maintainable going forward.

Another great month with more happy customers!