Pressure Vessels & Accumulator Vessels

Accumulator vessels when installed into a pressurised water system, irrespective of the application, are critical to the good operation of that system. A pump accumulator vessel on a fixed or variable speed booster unit, designed to provide stored volume and “damping “ for the pumps to enable them to go to sleep at periods of no demand, the gas charge in these vessels is critical.

Therefore regular drain, test and recharging of these vessels is essential, to this end an in-depth understanding of a particular vessels mode of operation and thus the ability to calculate the correct charge required for said vessel is an integral part of a “competent engineers” skill set. A question we are regularly asked is what size does a vessel have to be to fall under the PSSR 2000 regulations, the simple answer is any size vessel on a pressure system fall under the regs.

PressBoost carry an extensive range of pressure vessels to 10 bar working pressure in stock, from 2-500 litres (all other sizes and pressure ratings are available, most on overnight delivery) and all of our engineers have the necessary skill and experience to install and correctly set these vessels up to work at peak efficiency on any Boosted Cold Water system. We can also quickly source any 16 Bar rated vessels in the above sizes from multiple manufacturers.Image of nest of Zilmet Pressure VesselsImage of nest of gloabl water solutions vessels