RPZ Valve Servicing & Testing

We are pleased to also offer W.R.A.S Approved RPZ Valve Testing. We have several WRAS accredited testers and we can also install all makes of RPZ valves should you have a requirement for one.
An RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Valve is a verifiable backflow prevention device, offering protection to water supplies up to, and including fluid category 4.
It should be noted that the old quick filling loop which used to be installed to most pressurised heating systems is no longer satisfactory, as LTHW & CHW pressurised systems are now in the main classified as Fluid Category 4 and therefore require an RPZ valve to be installed rather than a quick fill loop.
These valves must be tested and certified as a minimum on an annual basis by Approved Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Testers as listed in the WRAS Guide.

   RPZ Valves

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