Various Pressurisation Unit Installations

Lowara Presfix Beta Last week we attended a prestigious site in Manchester to replace a failed & obsolete Grundfos Impress. We recently picked up this site for a new managing agent, we found multiple issues with pressure units, booster units and vessels across the various plant rooms in the building. This pressure unit was the […]

Leisure Centre Cold Water Booster Pumps Replacement

Service and Maintenance History: This cold water booster set had been in operation since 2006 and served a large, busy leisure centre. Over the last 4 years, PressBoost have serviced and maintained the set on a bi-annual basis. For a set of its age, it was performing very well, however, the high demand of the […]

Spill & Fill to Sealed System Conversion

Dilapidated Spill & Fill Setup This Spill & Fill unit had served the test of time as it was c.20 years old. It had only suffered failure due to age and obsolescence. This led to the pump vessel failing, which had a knock on effect and caused both pumps to fail. The tank was heavily […]

Cold Water Booster Set Replacement

Booster Set Upgrade: Overnight, we carried out a booster set replacement for a multi-purpose building in a prime location in Manchester. The building operates as offices and a gym, as a result, they required minimal downtime. The existing set was fixed speed but also in a dilapidated state and constantly running. This was causing great […]

Wall Mounted Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install: PressBoost carried out this installation recently replacing a U/S wall mounted Pressurisation Unit with a Lowara Mini Presfix. The existing wall mounted unit had 2 U/S piston pumps which were not suitable for the size of the system, the Mini Presfix benefits from having two peripheral turbine pumps. Additionally, the expansion vessel supporting the […]

Foot Load Sensor Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install: PressBoost carried out this pressurisation unit replacement at a site in Salford. The existing foot load sensor pressurisation unit had numerous single points of failure and site had been inundated with problems with the equipment. Additionally, multiple parts were obsolete, as a result, the most cost effective and reliable solution was to replace the unit. […]

Pressurisation Unit and Pressure vessels replacement

This site in Liverpool had multiple problems with their heating system that were causing reliability issues. The control board on the existing LTHW pressure unit was faulty and obsolete while one of the pumps was U/S. Furthermore, both of the 500 litre vessels were U/S. PressBoost replaced both 500 Litre vessels and replaced the pressure unit with a […]

Leisure Centre Twin Pump Booster Unit Replacement

This site in Manchester had an array of problems with the existing twin pump fixed speed booster unit. Most controls were u/s, both pumps were in poor condition and are now obsolete. As you can see from the pictures below the unit was extremely dilapidated and ageing:                 […]

Fixed speed Booster Unit replacement

This site in Wigan, pictured below, had been having a number of problems with their fixed speed Booster Unit. This Booster feeds a large residential building and as such it is critical that it is kept in optimum condition. The existing unit was ageing and had a multiplicity of issues including: Jockey pump n0n-return valve […]

Drinking Water Booster Unit Install

This installation was carried out at a site in Liverpool earlier this year. The existing unit was over 30 years old, and in need of replacement. The existing unit was significantly bigger than the new unit that PressBoost have installed, this meant we were able to reuse the existing plinth and marry up with the […]