Grundfos Variable Speed Booster Set Installation

Grundfos Multi E Booster Set

Existing Fixed Speed Set This is one job that felt really good to get over the line! We have maintained this fixed speed set for the last two years and it hasn’t exactly been a labour of love. As can be the way with sets of this age, the client stopped spending money on it […]

Large Holiday Park in the South of England Upgrades Cold Water Booster Set

Water shortages on site: We were originally called in to investigate this booster set as site was experiencing pressure shortages and in some events, even lack of water across the site. When we attended we found the 4-pump set down to just 2 functioning pumps. The set had already lost a pump years earlier, which […]

Various Pressurisation Unit Installations

Lowara Presfix Beta Last week we attended a prestigious site in Manchester to replace a failed & obsolete Grundfos Impress. We recently picked up this site for a new managing agent, we found multiple issues with pressure units, booster units and vessels across the various plant rooms in the building. This pressure unit was the […]

The HL Hydronics H-Line Pressurisation Unit

The Partnership: We were recently contacted by HL Hydronics as they wished to introduce the H-Line Pressurisation Units and Polyethylene Tanks that they manufacture to the UK. After reviewing some technical literature, we were impressed and needed to know more. Based in Töcksfors, Sweden, HL Hydronics have been manufacturing Pressurisation Units and distributing them across Scandinavia […]

Booster Set Replacement – Birmingham City Centre

Complete Failure of 4-Pump Booster Set We were recently contacted by a new customer in Birmingham, as they had no water as their booster set had failed . This is a prestige 39-storey building spanning over 7,000 square feet, interruption to water at a building of this size had massive repercussions for thousands of people. […]

PressBoost Ltd Site Unify Platform

Recently, we began the process of moving our engineer reporting system over to a Site Unify Platform. Having seen the success of Double Zero Solutions work with Hydraclean Limited, who we work closely with, we decided to meet with Dave Broomhead of Double Zero to explore the potential options available to us. Dave and his […]

Variable Speed Panel Installations At Local Police HQ

Why did we replace the existing panels? We have carried out the annual maintenance of all the booster sets on site at a local police headquarters for the last 3 years. As part of this service programme we recommended to our customer retrofitting their fixed speed booster sets to variable speed to provide them with […]

Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

Why do you have poor water pressure? We often get asked by customers why they have poor water pressure and can we do anything to fix it. Firstly, we definitely can do something to fix this problem for you. Poor water pressure is largely down to the incoming pressure your utility company provide you with, […]

Fixed Speed – Variable Speed Water Booster Set Conversion

Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

The Project: We recently carried out a variable speed conversion of a cold water booster for a University in North West England. We were called in by the University to upgrade their archaic pump set and remove 2 steel cold water storage tanks. Replacing them with a variable speed set, and new sectional tank. Please […]

Reflex Variomat Pressurisation Unit Installation

High Profile Court Building in Manchester City Centre: Over the past 6 weeks, we have carried out a large scale project working in conjunction with Integral UK at one of the courts they maintain in Manchester. We successfully delivered this project on time all as per our plan of works and have now handed back […]