Booster Set Replacement – Birmingham City Centre

Complete Failure of 4-Pump Booster Set We were recently contacted by a new customer in Birmingham, as they had no water as their booster set had failed . This is a prestige 39-storey building spanning over 7,000 square feet, interruption to water at a building of this size had massive repercussions for thousands of people. […]

PressBoost in January

January was another busy month here at PressBoost. Throughout the month we carried out a large amount of service work across the country, into Scotland and onto the Isle of Man. This represents the core of our business and something we pride ourselves on. Service and maintenance of pressurisation and booster sets is imperative to […]

Leisure Centre Twin Pump Booster Unit Replacement

This site in Manchester had an array of problems with the existing twin pump fixed speed booster unit. Most controls were u/s, both pumps were in poor condition and are now obsolete. As you can see from the pictures below the unit was extremely dilapidated and ageing:                 […]

3 Pump Booster Unit Install July 2015

PressBoost installed this 3 Pump Variable speed unit, type GHV30  at a site in Swinton after the site had issues with their existing equipment. The GHV series of booster unit has an individual master inverter, transducer and accumulator vessel for each pump, with individual isolation and drain valves for maintenance purposes. The reasoning  is to […]