Two pump variable speed booster unit replacement

This site in Wrexham required a replacement variable speed booster unit due to having a number of issues with their existing equipment. The No. 1 pump and inverter were U/S and required replacement, the customer asked PressBoost to quote for a replacement modern equivalent unit with a controller that is more user friendly. As a result PressBoost installed a twin pump Calpeda Easymat unit. This comes complete with 2 accumulator vessels, 2 inverters and 2 pressure transducers making it completely fail safe. As you can see from the pictures below the existing unit was bulky and space consuming which made access for service and maintenance difficult. The new Calpeda Unit provides ample access for service and maintenance as well as access for chlorination of the tank. Furthermore, the Easymat comes with an interrogatable display facilitating fault finding and setting up of the system, again making access easier for the customer.

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PressBoost can supply and install various makes of booster equipment to specification or can size relevant equivelants for all systems, if you have any queries about the plant at your site please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today and we can advise you further.