Vacuum Degasser

A vacuum degasser is designed to increase efficiency of modern day heating and cooling systems. A vacuum degasser operates by using a pump and a vacuum chamber to remove harmful gases/oxygen from the system. A vacuum degasser should also be used in conjunction with a magnetic filter, as the oxygen is removed from the system, the magnetic filter will also remove dirt/sludge from the system – this helps to clean your system. The key concept of Vacuum Degassing is by removing the gases, you limit oxidisation within your system, by limiting oxidisation you reduce pipework corrosion.

A Vacuum Degasser and magnetic filter have many benefits but primarily:-

• Reducing oxidisation of pipework thus extending the expected lifespan of pipework.
• Removing harmful gases actually reduces energy usage as the heat source is not having to overcome inefficiencies within the system. In Scandinavia, monitoring has highlighted that this up to 11% savings in energy usage can be achieved; depending on the system size and operating parameters.
• By regularly decommissioning and cleaning out the magnetic filter, you can clean your system.
• Prevent knocking in any pipework as harmful gases are removed.

There are many Vacuum Degassers on the market in the UK, we recommend either Reflex, HL Hydronics or Flamco. We distribute into the UK, the HL Hydronics O2-X. This is a fantastic product which we have seen excellent results from first hand. The O2-X is designed for use in district heat networks, large or small heating systems in commercial or industrial applications. It is a very versatile product which could really benefit your heating system. For more information please feel free to contact our technical department.