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0161 798 5872

Why did we replace the existing panels?

We have carried out the annual maintenance of all the booster sets on site at a local police headquarters for the last 3 years. As part of this service programme we recommended to our customer retrofitting their fixed speed booster sets to variable speed to provide them with energy savings and extend the life of their booster sets. This appealed to site as they have an ongoing lifecycle improvement programme and were very keen to upgrade. After the successful installation of one panel last year to demonstrate the savings, site authorised us to replace 5 more. Working closely with Fluid Water Solutions, we sized the appropriate panels to provide the customer with the energy savings they are looking for. Along with the ease-of-use and functionality to interrogate the equipment.

How do we select our variable speed panels?

In this instance, one reason we selected the MARB panels is that they are plug and play and very easy to retrofit. For both us and the customer this was vital, it ensures retrofitting costs are kept to a minimum. Whilst also guaranteeing interruption to the water supply is also limited as much as possible. In addition, these panels do everything we require and more with hand-off-auto switches, BMS functionality with MODBUS as standard and the availability for BACNET should you require, external on/off functionality and duty-standby transducers to name but a few features. In addition, these panels are easy to interrogate with a clear display and simple navigational menus. For our customer, this is imperative as they want to monitor as much as they possibly can. Finally, we can retrofit these panels to the majority of booster sets to suit you with sizes ranging from 0.75Kw to 400Kw.

Before & After:


As you can see from the sample of before and after pictures, the panels utilise the existing framework nicely. We had each individual panel installed in just a few hours. In addition, we carried out all work on a Saturday when the building was at it’s quietist ensuring minimal disruption. Site are very happy with their new equipment and already seeing the benefits of their new variable speed panels!

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