Wall Mounted Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install:

PressBoost carried out this installation recently replacing a U/S wall mounted Pressurisation Unit with a Lowara Mini Presfix. The existing wall mounted unit had 2 U/S piston pumps which were not suitable for the size of the system, the Mini Presfix benefits from having two peripheral turbine pumps. Additionally, the expansion vessel supporting the system had been piped incorrectly (into the flow and return header which created constant circulation between them), therefore, we modified the pipework accordingly and the system is now working appropriately. Please see pictures below of our install:

Before:                                      After:

The new unit is conveniently located in the same space as the old unit and as you can see from the pictures, the new unit is quite a bit bigger, facilitating future service and maintenance to aid the longevity of the plant. Here at PressBoost we offer a wide range of floor and wall mounted pressurisation units in a number of outputs. Once again, if you have and questions at all, please do not hesitate to get into contact today by filling out a ‘quick enquiry’.