About Us

We are based in Prestwich, Manchester. We operate nationwide and have multiple mobile engineers working across the country. We aim to provide a quality focused service in a price driven environment, where despite this, excellence can still be valued and achieved.
Our goals are based upon the needs of a highly competitive industry but set against the strict guidelines of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 Statutory Instrument No 128 and all other relevant legislation now and in the future.

Our dedicated team have collectively acquired many years of experience in the highly specialised field of Pressurised heating and Boosted water systems, we have a team of highly qualified engineers on the road 24/7, as such we can offer excellent response to service/callout enquiries in an efficient manner. All of our service vehicles carry a comprehensive set of spares which enable us to achieve a high proportion of 1st visit fix successes. Our engineers strive to achieve consistency, attention to detail, competence and dedicated customer service.

We have extensive experience in the repair and/or upgrade of existing plant and equipment, for example replacing obsolete pumps or controls with newer more modern/efficient alternatives while at the same time retaining the original installation. There are significant major benefits to upgrading from fixed to variable speed controls in terms of running costs, energy efficiency and conservation.

We are happy to survey your existing installation and make recommendations and give options with regards to the best way forward, future proofing and ongoing longevity. If you have an enquiry, please visit the Contact Us page.