Dynamic Pressurisation Units

PressBoost supply and install a range of dynamic pressurisation units for systems of all shapes and sizes. We size and specify these specifically to suit the requirements of your system. They come complete with suitably sized expansion tanks and all necessary isolation, drain/test and safety valves. We supply all makes and types of pressurisation units. Including but not limited to: Reflex, HL Hydronics and Flamco. A dynamic pressurisation unit is typically installed on a larger heating system. This is because a dynamic pressurisation unit is c. 90% efficient, as opposed to a standard cabinet unit which is 40% efficient. This greater efficiency means less expansion tanks are required. This reduces space taken up in plantrooms and this is just the start of the benefits. Dynamic pressurisation units are intelligent, versatile, capable of filling larger volumes of water as larger pumps can be fitted and all together more bespoke depending on the system.

For more information on Dynamic Pressurisation units or to see if they may be viable for a system of yours, please feel free to contact our technical department. We can run through a more detailed explanation of what they are, along with providing technical specs on the units we recommend. Finally, we can discuss your system and see if it would actually benefit from Dynamic Pressurisation.

Dynamic Pressurisation UnitsDynamic Pressurisation Units