Booster Set Replacement – Birmingham City Centre

Complete Failure of 4-Pump Booster Set

We were recently contacted by a new customer in Birmingham, as they had no water as their booster set had failed . This is a prestige 39-storey building spanning over 7,000 square feet, interruption to water at a building of this size had massive repercussions for thousands of people. We attended the same day and found the existing 4-pump booster set had suffered a complete failure with none of the pumps operational. This had happened over time due to a lack of maintenance of the equipment allowing it to fall into a dilapidated state. We arranged for a motor and inverter to be delivered the same day and installed it through the night to get water back on to the building. Pleasingly, it took 6 hours from initial callout, to getting water back on to the building. This included parts being delivered to site via emergency courier. Site were incredibly grateful and now recognise the importance of this equipment. Therefore, they immediately gave us the order for a new booster set to replace the existing set.

The Existing Failed Booster Set

Existing failed booster set frontal viewExisting failed booster set side view imageOver the years this set had been allowed to fall into disrepair. The vessel diaphragm had failed, 2 pumps failed some years ago and were removed yet not replaced. The final pumps failed within 6 months of one another and they took their inverter drives out with them. We found that this set was actually significantly oversized for the demand of the building. After providing site with an option for a 3-pump and a 4-pump set, they opted for the smaller and have instructed us to carry out bi-annual maintenance to ensure the longevity of the new equipment.


The New Booster Set

new variable speed booster frontal view imageNew variable speed booster set side view image


The new set utilises the existing space, as well as being sat in a purpose made bund. This is due to the set being located on an upper level and the floor is not yet tank sealed. When the existing set failed completely it caused significant water damage to the floors below. The GRP bund we have installed is piped away to drain to provide the building with an extra level of protection in future. The set benefits from individual Hydrovar inverters, individual pump vessels and individual pressure transducers making it fail safe.



What Booster Set Do You Need?

Cold water booster sets come in all shapes and sizes and must be sized specifically to your requirements. As with this job, we can size, select and install the right booster set for you. Furthermore, we deal with multiple suppliers to ensure we always have an option available that is right for your application. This also means we can get hold of equipment quickly if needed to help you get water back on to your building.

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