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Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

Why do you have poor water pressure?

We often get asked by customers why they have poor water pressure and can we do anything to fix it. Firstly, we definitely can do something to fix this problem for you. Poor water pressure is largely down to the incoming pressure your utility company provide you with, and the number of outlets you have in your property. In addition, we can help you overcome this with a variety of cold water booster pump sets, to suit your needs. Please see some of the options available below:

Cold water booster pump solutions:

Lowara Resvari Home Booster –


The Lowara home booster is ideal for domestic scenarios and is a real space saver as a packaged set. It can easily be located in your home in all different types of property. This is also the variable speed option, so it will be energy efficient. Also, this unit benefits from Lowara’s 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cold water storage tank and booster set –

Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

 In larger scenarios where your water pressure has been turned down or decreased over the years, you will likely need a bigger set. You can see an example of this setup above. Again, we can size this appropriately to your needs to ensure the application is correct for you. These sets come in a variety of sizes and can be single pump, twin pump or so on; depending on the application. Something to note, is that we get lots of enquires looking to solely buy a pump and directly boost the incoming main. However, this directly contravenes water regulations and is therefore illegal. You must have a break tank installed to provide an air-gap and prevent cross contamination.

Cold Water storage tank and booster pump set in an enclosure –

On the other hand,  you might simply not have the space for the cold water booster pump set above. In this case, the best option is to put the booster set and break-tank outside, in an external GRP enclosure. Furthermore, we have installed these cold water booster pump sets in GRP enclosures and also brick enclosures to suit your preferences.

What do you need to consider if you buy a cold water booster pump set?

One key thing to remember is that these cold water pumps are mechanical, and mechanical equipment by nature requires ongoing service and maintenance. In addition, these pumps come with a buffer vessel attached to aid the operation of the pumps. These vessels require servicing, and manufacturers advise this is carried out on a six monthly basis. Nevertheless, this is the core of our business and any cold water pump set that we supply or install, will come with a quotation for ongoing maintenance. Finally, cold water storage tanks require cleaning and chlorinating as this is now a stored volume of water, it is in your interest to keep up with this as it will be your drinking water!

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