Cold Water Booster Set Replacement

Booster Set Upgrade:

Overnight, we carried out a booster set replacement for a multi-purpose building in a prime location in Manchester. The building operates as offices and a gym, as a result, they required minimal downtime.

The existing set was fixed speed but also in a dilapidated state and constantly running. This was causing great strain on the pumps but also costing the client in electricity usage. The accumulator vessel was completely U/S and one pump was barely delivering. The set was far beyond economical repair and had served it’s purpose. On the upside, switching to variable speed offers the client a payback period in energy savings.

The new variable speed Lowara set we have installed whilst offering the obvious energy savings, will also provide considerable improvements in pressure control. The existing fixed speed method of operation had caused large pressure fluctuations on site for some time before they contacted us.

We spent a significant amount of time with the client organising the logistics of this job, to ensure it ran smoothly and did not cause disruption to either the office block or the gym.  We successfully delivered this installation in 5 hours from water off to water back on. This was made possible due to a large amount of preparation work prior to isolating the water supply and applying the finishing touches once the building had water back. The end product as you can see below, is an excellent piece of equipment, that utilisises the existing space with a two year manufacturers warranty to provide peace of mind for everyone involved.

Before and After…


New Enquiries:

If you have an enquiry about any pressurisation or booster equipment, don’t hesitate to get in contact. The job you see above, is a job we carried out as a result of a courtesy site survey, followed by in depth discussions with the client to find the best solution for them.

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