Control Panel Modifications

The job:

One of the many aspects of works we carry out here at PressBoost is control modifications. All of our engineers are control specialists and highly experienced working in control panels. Recently at a site in Bury we replaced 4 x contactors and overloads feeding the supply and extract fans to the building. Two of the contactors had burnt out and were consistently tripping the MCBs. One of the problems here and reason for the contactors being burnt out was that the overloads were not sized properly on the original install. We sized the correct overloads and correct Kw rated contactors. We also installed a higher standard of part to increase the longevity of the equipment and attended site the very next day to carry out the remdial due to the vital nature of the plant.

The pictures:

Before…                                               After…


The benefits:

We are able to size, replace and modify all existing and new control circuits on request. Additionally, we can carry out these works with a very short turnaround to site specifications and as you can see from the pictures, the retrofit looks better than the original install. These problems are picked up on service visits which again highlights the importance of service and maintenance of your plant. If you are interested in a price for servicing of your Pressure and Booster equipment please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today or email