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H-Line Spill & Fill Replacement – The Midlands

The existing problems on site:

We were recently called out to an ageing Pressmain GV100 Spill & Fill pressurisation unit as the unit would not stop running and the tank was leaking. We have had contact with this pressurisation unit for the last 2 years following several years of neglect. The set itself has provided admirable service and is circa 30 years old. However, over time the steel spill tank has corroded and had started to fail, so much so that the wooden plinth it had been installed on was rotting away. This was compromising the integrity of the unit and associated pipework. We had been quoting repairs on this set for the previous two years, with a new pump needed, new pressure vessel required and a small amount of controls work in the panel required.

Following the failure of integrity of the spill tank, we arranged a site meeting with our client to demonstrate the dilapidation of the unit and discuss options going forward. After exploring the potential of carrying out the repairs and replacing the steel tank at the same time, we put forward an alternative recommendation to replace the set completely. This was the more expensive option, however, given the existing set had fallen into such a state of disrepair, combine this with its age and the client decided replacing the set was the best option moving forward.

Our recommendation:

We have a strong working relationship with this client and as with every hotel chain, budgets are extremely tight and need to be spent wisely. We could have replaced this set two years ago when we found it with a multitude of problems, however, we have nursed the set through and carried out minor repairs to keep it going and maximise the last few years of life out of the set. This allowed the hotel to plan and put money away in a lifecycle fund for replacement. Given the success of the previous spill & fill, site were more than happy to replace with another spill & fill. Therefore, we recommended the HL Hydronics H-Line Pressurisation Unit. The H-Line is relatively new to the UK market, manufactured in Sweden the H-Line is now a mainstay in district heat networks across Sweden and Norway. Since visiting Sweden to see the units in action, we have now been distributing them into the UK for the last 12 months. The H-Line is highly innovative for a number of reasons, one of which being Polyethylene tanks instead of traditional steel tanks, which we feel is a real unique selling point. Never more so than in this scenario with the old steel tank failing, something which will not be a worry with the new PE tanks. Furthermore, the H-Line is fully digital and benefits from the highest quality components with Schneider touch screen controller, Schneider PCB, Danfoss transducers and actuator valves finished with a high output Grundfos CM pump. A quality unit which we feel will provide reliability for years to come with a Bi-annual service contract now in place for the unit. Below are some before and after pictures of the installation:



New Installation:

We installed the new H-Line unit along with 2x 500 litre polyethylene expansion tanks during normal working hours to help minimise installation costs for site. Also, whilst modifying the cold feed for the new unit, we installed an RPZ Valve to aid site in the event of planned drain downs or system maintenance. To finish the installation off, we installed a 60 litre pump vessel and connected the new overflows to the existing overflow pipework. An excellent installation as always from our engineers. A modern solution for site and as you can see from the installation the new H-Line is not only a fraction of the size of the old unit, the IP54 enclosure provides a smart finish.

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