Large Holiday Park in the South of England Upgrades Cold Water Booster Set

Water shortages on site:

We were originally called in to investigate this booster set as site was experiencing pressure shortages and in some events, even lack of water across the site. When we attended we found the 4-pump set down to just 2 functioning pumps. The set had already lost a pump years earlier, which was removed but never replaced. By the time of the second pump failure, the set was no struggling to cope. The problems on site were also exacerbated by numerous leaks on pipework across site, which we causing the booster set to work excessively hard.

Creating a long term solution:

Working with site, along with the civil engineers and plumbing contractors who were dealing with the leaks on site, we came up with a solution that will provide the park the constant supply of water it needs, with minimal risk to interruption. To ensure we selected the correct set, we discussed this at length with Lowara and decided to up the size of the original pumps slightly, whilst reducing them to a 3-pump set as site had no desire for a 4-pump set. By increasing the pump size we were able to ensure the set is still sized Duty/Assist/Standby, giving site overall fail safe method of operation.

The on site civil engineers then set about repairing the various underground leaks with superior pipework whilst the booster set was manufactured in Italy. We then had the new booster set shipped over on an expedited delivery ready to install through the night on a Sunday to coincide with a planned camp closure on the Monday.

Before & After


A fantastic installation from our engineers, which presented a multitude of challenges. From 8″ pipework to an overall unit weight of over 1 tonne, it was a large undertaking which had to be carefully planned and coordinated. The new Lowara set benefits from the Gen 5 Hydrovars, providing soft start functionality as well as an optional time delay on ramp up to further aid the smooth operating of this system and reduce stress on the pipework on site. Once the new set was back online, we were also able to dial the pressure down to further protect the pipework on site. The whole camp now has continuous water supply restored, all completed in time for guests summer holidays!

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