RPZ Valve Servicing

The Legal Requirement:

One of the most important services we offer at PressBoost is servicing of RPZ (backflow prevention) devices.  Quick filling loops which used to be installed to most pressurised heating systems are no longer satisfactory, as LTHW & CHW pressurised systems are now in the main classified as Fluid Category 4 and therefore require an RPZ valve to be installed rather than a quick fill loop.

These valves must be tested and certified as a minimum on an annual basis by Approved Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Testers as listed in the WRAS Guide. Here at PressBoost we have multiple testers accredited, if you have any RPZ valves on your site, please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today and we can advise you further.


During service:                                   After Service:


RPZ valves must also be installed to fall within strict guidelines in terms of access and configuration. If you have any quick filling loops which you would like removing and replacing with an RPZ valve, again please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a site visit.