Spill & Fill to Sealed System Conversion

Dilapidated Spill & Fill Setup

This Spill & Fill unit had served the test of time as it was c.20 years old. It had only suffered failure due to age and obsolescence. This led to the pump vessel failing, which had a knock on effect and caused both pumps to fail. The tank was heavily corroded inside and the unit was beginning to show its age. As a result, site were keen to upgrade their equipment and bring the system up to date and seal the system.

The main problem with replacing this set, was that the existing spill & fill pressurisation unit was located in the back corner of the roof plantroom. Access was incredibly difficult as the unit itself is much larger than multiple pinch points in the room. In both the plantroom and via the vertical steps into the plantroom; access was very limited. Consequently, the majority of this unit had to be cut up for removal, including the tank itself and the majority of the frame.

Image showing pressmain spill and fill pressurisation unit Image showing access into plantroom is restricted by boilers Image showing vertical steps restricting access into plantroom  

New Sealed System Setup

After a lengthy site meeting, we decided that the Lowara Presfix Beta pressurisation unit and GWS 450 litre Challenger vessels worked perfectly to deal with the access issues on site. The existing tank was effectively oversizedand given the access issues the 450 litre Challenger vessels were the largest that would physically fit into the plantroom. After calculating the system volume and rate of expansion, 900 litres of vessel capactiy was all that is required for this system. This is a job that demonstrates how prior thought and planning can overcome these types of issues. Please see below the finished job:

Site are now equipped with a twin pump – modern digital pressurisation unit, a sealed system with 2 large expansion vessels. Perhaps more importantly, with the facility to drain and test to ensure longevity going forward. Replacing this equipment is excellent for bringing site up-to-date, however, it is only beneficial if the equipment is maintained going forward. Site have now arranged for bi-annual maintenance on a rolling basis, to ensure this equipment gets the same return on investment as the old Spill & Fill unit.

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