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Dual Pressurisation Unit replacement – Manchetser

Here at PressBoost we pride ourselves on our ability to offer solutions to the most difficult problems. The images below are of a job at one of our Manchester sites, this site were having a number of issues with a dual LTHW and CHW unit. Effectively, the main issue was the LTHW side of the unit over pressurising the CHW side of the unit. Further issues include a U/S pump vessel that was inaccessible due to limited space in the plantroom, the tank and ball valve were also inaccessible due to ducting running over the top of the unit and the control board was faulty due to a solid state relay fusing causing one pump to run on constantly. With the combination of issues and the unit being physically too big for the space, site asked PressBoost to come up with a cost effective, workable solution. Therefore, to ensure site did not encounter the issues with a dual unit again, we separated the CHW and LTHW circuits and installed individual PressBoost DigiPress pressurisation units. These units are fully encapsulated benefiting from digital controls, to which we carry all spares and replacement parts,  and isolation and drain valves. As you can see from the pictures below, the DigiPress are much more effective in the enclosed space, both units are fully accessible and maintainable.

Before:                                           After:

IMG_3228 IMG_4011

This site has 3 identical plantrooms with the same dual pressurisation unit in all 3 buildings, based on the success of the first installation, we were asked to replace the dual unit in the remaining 2 buildings.

If you have any issues with the Pressure or Booster plant on your site and are looking for a solution, call us on 0161 798 5872, or alternatively fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form, we can arrange a site visit to discuss all the options available to you.


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