Fixed to Variable Speed Booster Unit Conversion

This installation was carried out at a site in Manchester City Centre. The existing unit was fixed speed and obsolete, furthermore, one of the two pumps had failed and as such the building was running on only one pump. This building has recently been renovated and is a grade two listed building with several high profile tenants, as such, any interruption to water supply would prove costly for the building meaning a replacement unit was needed as soon as possible. As a result, PressBoost installed a twin pump Lowara variable speed booster unit, complete with 2 Hydrovar inverters, 2 pump vessels and 2 transducers, making the unit fail safe. As you can see from the pictures below, we have utilised the limited space available and mounted the new unit to the existing plinth. As previously mentioned on our website, the energy savings when converting from fixed speed to variable speed are considerable (average of 30%, however, we have seen energy savings of 50%).











If you are interested in converting your equipment to variable speed, with just a few pieces of information we can carry out an energy saving calculation for you, please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today if you have any questions and we can advise you further.