PressBoost in February

Service and maintenance:

This month we have been carrying out biannual maintenance for a number of sites. These include a college in Bradford, several high profile buildings in Manchester, several railway museums and schools across the North West and a new tower block contract in Scotland. It has been a busy month, but highly rewarding in terms of saving customers headaches further down the line. The service on the railway museums was our first service visit, and the majority of units were well in need of attention and benefited greatly.

Installation work:

In February we carried out pretty much the entire scope of our business in installations. Several new pressurisation units installed, re-piping a corroded system to a well-known blue chip retail store in Birmingham, replacing 1000 litre vessels, repairing RPZ valves in a hospital in Bolton and re-commissioning, control panel wiring modifications, replacing a 22Kw motor for a very high profile football club in Manchester and finally several booster set installations.

No job was arguably more rewarding than the re-piping of a highly corroded chilled water system, the end result is fantastic and has put the customers mind at ease. Please see some before and after pictures:

The problem:           40m pipework:       End result:



Another highly rewarding job was carried out for a new customer who is based in Prestwich. One of their apartment blocks in Didsbury lost both pumps to their booster set due to flooding, leaving residents without water. We attended an urgent callout the same day and got them back on one pump. In the meantime, we ordered a new booster set, to be built overnight. In the interim, the current set then failed completely so we returned  and installed the new set as an urgent priority. The tenants were over the moon to have water restored and the customer was really grateful for the swift turnaround. Due to the working relationship we have with our suppliers, we can always work with you, to suit your needs and respond efficiently to any urgent issues, be it supplying vessels, booster sets or pressurisation units.

I have attached some pictures of some of the remedial works we have carried out this month:

2018 to date:

One of the key things we are working on in 2018, is making our service bespoke to our individual customers needs. We realise that every customer is unique and has different demands and requirements to meet. If you are interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today, through our website or email . We will always endeavour to work with you and accommodate your needs completely.