Pressurisation Unit Covnersion

This job was carried out at a site in Daresbury, Cheshire. The existing spill and fill pressurisation unit was extremely dilapidated and ageing state. Most controls were u/s, the pipework was consistently blocking and the tank was backed up with sludge. The multiplicity of issues led to reliability problems with the unit, something which was costing the site money and causing major disruption. As a result, we at PressBoost sized a replacement pressurisation unit and pressure vessel to convert the system from a spill and fill to a sealed system. As a result of one of the boilers on site being upgraded to a modern equivalent, the site needed less expansion than previously which meant they now only needed one 500 litre expansion vessel, much less expansion than before. This meant PressBoost could remove the old spill and fill tank creating much more space for access. The new PressBoost DIGICAB pressurisation unit comes complete with two pumps, digital controls and is fully enclosed. As you can see from the before and after pictures below, the old unit was exposed to the elements and in a poor state, the PressBoost installation utilises the space effectively and the new unit along with all pipework are protected from the elements to ensure the longevity of the plant.


Before:                                          After:

IMG_4636 IMG_4874


PressBoost can size and convert any pressurisation unit for replacement or modification, please fill in a ‘quick enquiry’ form today if you have any queries about your plant and we can advise you further.