Replacement and repair of 6″ Pressure Regulating Valve

We are always looking at ways to provide more cost effective service for the customer. This job was carried out at a prestige site in Manchester, they had two 6″ pressure regulating valves that fed cold water to the entire building (20 plus floors), they were desperately in need of repair. Site could not afford any downtime at all, therefore, the most cost effective solution for them was to buy one new valve, repair the current two valves and then keep the second repaired valve as an emergency spare. Over the course of two visits we were able to remove the first valve and replace with new, while taking that valve away to our workshop to carry out repairs and a deep clean. Please see pictures below:

1st visit:

Original configuration:                         New valve installed:

Once we took the valve away for cleaning and repair, we gained a true realisation of the build up of deposits in the valve, thus causing the valve to seize in the first place:

Clean and Repair:

This is a natural occurrence as time goes on, however, in this instance it had caused the valve to fail. Please see pictures of valve fully cleaned:

Once this valve was fully cleaned, we reassembled and recommissioned, installing new pilot PRV in the process. The valve was then ready for reinstallation.

2nd visit:

Repaired valve reinstalled:                       Final configuration:

On the second visit to site, we removed the bottom valve for  repair and reinstalled the valve we had cleaned and repaired. Please see picture above of repaired valve reinstalled. Final configuration also in pictures.

This site now has two fully functioning PRV’s with a backup critical spare in the future. As you can see from the pictures, these repairs were carried out with minimal down time and disruption to the client, while also assuring them peace of mind in the future.

We can work to specific confines and come up with multiple cost effective solutions to suit you and your site. Please fill out a ‘quick enquiry’ form today should you require any advice or a site visit. Alternatively, contact us on 0161 798 5872 to discuss anything further.