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0161 798 5872

The Partnership:

We were recently contacted by HL Hydronics as they wished to introduce the H-Line Pressurisation Units and Polyethylene Tanks that they manufacture to the UK. After reviewing some technical literature, we were impressed and needed to know more. Based in Töcksfors, Sweden, HL Hydronics have been manufacturing Pressurisation Units and distributing them across Scandinavia for a number of years. They have had huge success with the H-Line and PE tanks due to their innovative; modern design. After an initial meeting, we soon realised there is a definite application in the British retrofit market for these units, and we needed to see them in action. As a result, we recently visited Sweden to view the manufacturing process and see some units in-situ. We were incredibly impressed that, in typical Swedish fashion, the manufacturing process was of the highest quality and more importantly, all of the components within the units are high quality.

The Applications:

We are excited about the prospect of bringing this unit to the UK market, and applying it to the various market sectors we are in. The H-Line is adaptable and versatile and as such capable of adapting to the ever-changing nature of heating and cooling systems. The H-Line has been designed to adapt to large district heat networks, residential applications, industrial applications and all types of commercial applications. We feel that one of the key avenues for the H-Line is in the retrofit market, they can quickly and easily replace old spill and fill units and bring systems into the 21st century. In addition, the tanks on a H-Line unit have an acceptance factor of 95%, whereas, the standard acceptance of a pressure vessel is c.45-50% depending on system parameters. This coupled with the fact that the PE tanks do not corrode and do not require written scheme, there is no definable life span of these tanks, they will stand the test of time. Finally, this also leads to a significant space saving, which as we all know is paramount in plant rooms across the country! For a quotation to retrofit one of your heating or cooling systems please Contact Us

The H-Line:

Whilst in Sweden, we had the opportunity to interrogate the H-line and witness its versatility first-hand. Below are some pictures to give you an insight into the components of the unit:

Benefiting from touch screen controls, reactive motorised valve, soft-start and energy saving operations, the H-line delivers quality functionality for users. Furthermore, HL Hydronics do not compromise on quality with Schneider controls, Danfoss valves and transducers and Grundfos CM pump, as a result the units are designed to provide confidence in the product.

New Enquiries:

Keep a look out for the first blog of one of our H-Line installations! Which is coming in just a few weeks. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about the multiplicity of advantages the H-Line has to offer get in touch. To discuss options, or, for a free site survey visit the Contact Us page or contact us on:

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