Twin Pump Horizontal Booster Set Replacement

The Background:

This booster set replacement was carried out in the centre of Manchester in November 2017. The existing booster set was down to a single pump, running constantly and barely delivering pressure. This was largely due to the dilapidated state of the set due to a lack of repairs when necessary over the years. For the last 4 years we have been servicing this set and keeping it together so the residents did not lose water.

The unit was beyond economical repair for the budget of the site, therefore, this    installation was made possible due to the switch from fixed to variable speed pumps, which will provide significant energy savings and offset the cost of the new booster unit.

The Installation:

The main issue with this installation was logistics, the new set had to brought in through the buildings lobby, carried down 2 flights of stairs and lifted over a brick bund. Please see picture of access below:

In this scenario our primary concern is creating as little disruption to the property as we bring in the new unit through their main entrance and remove the old unit. We successfully managed this with ease and used lifting equipment to aid the transference of the unit into the bund. Please see before and after pictures of the job:

Original set:                            New set:

As is often the case when retrofitting, space was very limited and the access to the original unit wasn’t ideal. Therefore, we had to go for a horizontal pump set in this scenario, to fit into the space available but also to allow room at the front and behind for future service and maintenance. The original unit had multiple single points of failure, the new twin pump Lowara unit comes complete with individual accumulator vessels, individual isolation and drain valves and individual pressure transducers. Given the importance of the set for the residents, this fail safe operation is imperative.

If you have an ageing set and you would like a quotation for a modern equivalent, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can organise a site survey. Alternatively, if you are interested in service and maintenance of your existing plant, please get in touch for a quotation!