Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Booster Replacement

The Justification:

Here at PressBoost something we take seriously is energy savings, the conversion from fixed speed to variable speed pumps typically results in 30-50% energy savings (one large hotel in Daresbury saw savings of 53%). The larger the motor, typically the larger the saving. Fixed speed pumps often run on timer and if the accumulator vessels are not regularly serviced and maintained, one small draw off from a tap will cause the pump to run on timer even if the requirement is very small. Variable speed pumps will ramp up and down depending on the demand on the system, thus, resulting in significant power reduction.

The Installation:

This install at a site in Leeds was replacing the existing twin pump fixed speed booster due to the fact pump 1 had failed and the unit had obsolete controls. We have installed a twin pump variable Lowara GHV booster complete with the new generation of hydrovar inverters. These inverters have a much sharper and accessible display and have an increased amount of features, furthermore, they can be modified and adapted to any standard pump with a wired motor box.

The Pics!

Before:                                              After:

We can size any make and model of Booster Unit, if you have any issues with your pressure or booster equipment call us now on 0161 798 5872 or alternatively fill in a ‘quick enquiry’ form today. Furthermore, if you have a fixed speed booster and are interested in the variable speed option, we have multiple options available and can quickly carry out an energy savings calculation for you with just a small amount of information from you.