Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Booster Replacement

The Justification: Here at PressBoost something we take seriously is energy savings, the conversion from fixed speed to variable speed pumps typically results in 30-50% energy savings (one large hotel in Daresbury saw savings of 53%). The larger the motor, typically the larger the saving. Fixed speed pumps often run on timer and if the accumulator vessels […]

4 Pump Booster Unit – Fixed to variable speed conversion

One of the many services that we offer here at PressBoost is conversion of fixed speed booster units to variable speed. When converting a fixed speed booster to variable speed the energy savings are considerable (approx. 30-50{546ee268ce7713d2b6d4f6ff974fadd45b4c551b6f43a7e80340ad9a7da26c27} per annum), therefore, the cost of conversion can be recovered very quickly and the savings going forward are […]

Drinking Water Booster Unit Install

This installation was carried out at a site in Liverpool earlier this year. The existing unit was over 30 years old, and in need of replacement. The existing unit was significantly bigger than the new unit that PressBoost have installed, this meant we were able to reuse the existing plinth and marry up with the […]

Booster Unit panel replacement

This job involved PressBoost replacing an existing U/S variable speed control panel on a three pump boosted water unit supplying a hotel, with a new panel fitted with ABB inverters. In conjunction with ABB we have developed a range of variable speed control panels that can be retrofitted to all makes of existing fixed and variable speed booster […]