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Lowara Presfix Beta

Last week we attended a prestigious site in Manchester to replace a failed & obsolete Grundfos Impress. We recently picked up this site for a new managing agent, we found multiple issues with pressure units, booster units and vessels across the various plant rooms in the building. This pressure unit was the most critical replacement needed, therefore, working with the managing agent we have begun a schedule of works, working through the various repairs needed in the order of their criticality.

This installation was a simple swap out, we installed a twin-pump Lowara Presfix Beta, modified the pipework and electrics slightly to suit the new unit and commissioned. A good looking job giving site piece of mind knowing their LTHW system is back up and running as it should be. The Presfix Beta is our go-to floor mounted pressure unit, we have installed a large number of this unit for several years and it offers great reliability. With clear LED display, intelligent digital controls and reliable peripheral turbine pumps it is a well designed cabinet unit we have confidence in.

The Presfix Beta was the obvious choice here as it is floor mounted unit of a similar size and can easily be anchored to the grill floor. Furthermore, the system it is feeding is quite large, therefore, the two peripheral turbine pumps are ideal for coping with the size of the system. Finally, the product is well supported by Lowara meaning we can maintain/repair this unit for years to come.


                                                                                          Before                                            After

Stuart Turner Midi

We had a busy week and also had engineers in London swapping out a failed Armstrong wall mounted pressure unit in a large hotel. This gave us the opportunity to install one of the new Stuart Turner Midi twin-pump pressure units. We recently visited Stuart Turner at their base in Henley-on-Thames to get some hands on training on the new units. We were very impressed with their new unit which has already been nominated for industry awards.

The various strengths of the unit are: quality renowned Stuart Turner pumps, ABS finish giving it a smart appearance, an advanced digital control system with additional volt-free contacts for BMS functionality and perhaps most importantly, it can be both floor or wall mounted. It is a very versatile unit which is straight forward to install and navigate through the controls.

In this instance, space was very tight and the simple installation system of the Stuart Turner made it the natural choice. A great solution for the job and we provided basic training on the new unit for the maintenance engineers on site, to help them better understand the unit and their system going forward. Watch this space for more Stuart Turner pressure units installations going forward.

                                                                                         Before                                            After

HL Hydronics H-Line

Finally, we recently completed two HL Hydronics H-Line installations at a local University. The first of which was a conversion of an F&E system to a pressurised system, the second was a well needed upgrade of an old Spill&Fill unit. We recently sat down with the University in order to discuss the various advantages,  of the H-Line which include:

  • High quality components: Grundfos CM pump, Schneider controller and touch screen, Danfoss Socla transducers and motorised valves.
  • Polyethylene expansion tanks with no diaphragm ensuring longevity.
  • 95% efficient as apposed to c.45% of a standard unit making it very space efficient.
  • Extremely effective for large systems (images below are of a 2 MW and a 4 MW system)
  • No written scheme of examination required.

Once we had the opportunity to explain the above benefits to the University, they quickly wanted to get on board and put the H-Line to good use. They are already planning their next phase of work for further H-Line installations.



In a short space of time we have installed such a variety of different pressure units. This is the benefit of having such a diverse supply chain, each individual system requires an individual solution, we have the relevant options to provide an efficient, cost effective solution for any system.

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