PressBoost in November

Pressurisation Unit Installations In another busy month, we carried out a large variety of project work, with several different types of pressurisation unit installations. From left to right: First we have a Stuart Turner Midi 235 unit, this replaced a failed Mikrofill 3 unit which had been causing site issues for a long time, eventually […]

Wall Mounted Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install: PressBoost carried out this installation recently replacing a U/S wall mounted Pressurisation Unit with a Lowara Mini Presfix. The existing wall mounted unit had 2 U/S piston pumps which were not suitable for the size of the system, the Mini Presfix benefits from having two peripheral turbine pumps. Additionally, the expansion vessel supporting the […]

Foot Load Sensor Pressurisation Unit Replacement

The Install: PressBoost carried out this pressurisation unit replacement at a site in Salford. The existing foot load sensor pressurisation unit had numerous single points of failure and site had been inundated with problems with the equipment. Additionally, multiple parts were obsolete, as a result, the most cost effective and reliable solution was to replace the unit. […]

Pressurisation Unit Replacement December 2015

Here at PressBoost we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly respond to all enquiries and carry out the necessary work as soon as possible. This job in Folkestone is a site that we had not previously visited, they contacted us with a failing pressurisation unit that required urgent remedial works. Therefore, based on pictures that the […]

Replacement Pressure Unit May 2015

PressBoost were called out to attend a fault on the pressure unit at a site in Tameside which was having problems with their heating. The existing Pressure unit had numerous U/S parts due to age and never having been on a service contract. The 500 Litre expansion vessel was completely U/S and would not even hold a temporary charge. […]