Fixed Speed – Variable Speed Water Booster Set Conversion

Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

The Project: We recently carried out a variable speed conversion of a cold water booster for a University in North West England. We were called in by the University to upgrade their archaic pump set and remove 2 steel cold water storage tanks. Replacing them with a variable speed set, and new sectional tank. Please […]

Express Gifts

The Project: We were recently contacted by Express Gifts to help deal with a long standing problem of pressure issues at one of their sites. We attended site to find that their current method of supplying water around the building was via storage tanks in the roof; feeding the building atmospherically. However, as has been […]

Twin Pump Horizontal Booster Set Replacement

The Background: This booster set replacement was carried out in the centre of Manchester in November 2017. The existing booster set was down to a single pump, running constantly and barely delivering pressure. This was largely due to the dilapidated state of the set due to a lack of repairs when necessary over the years. […]

Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Booster Replacement

The Justification: Here at PressBoost something we take seriously is energy savings, the conversion from fixed speed to variable speed pumps typically results in 30-50% energy savings (one large hotel in Daresbury saw savings of 53%). The larger the motor, typically the larger the saving. Fixed speed pumps often run on timer and if the accumulator vessels […]

Teknospeed Booster Unit Install

This install was carried out at a hotel in Bournemouth. This site had a Grundfos pump feeding several areas of the hotel but the actual application of the pump was somewhat of an unknown quantity. However, given the size of the building and the static head of the system, the pump was not fit for purpose. The […]